The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears Speed ​​Run 94 minutes high-speed explosive machine 4 hearts hit the final boss

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Have you started playing yet? Foreign experts have already tried out the 94-minute Speed ​​Run high-speed burst machine, which is a feat of the gods!

In the open world, you can directly enter the Demon King City

Last Friday, many people rushed to the game shop to bring “Tears of the Legend of Zelda Kingdom” home after finishing work, hoping to play a special game on Saturday and Sunday. It took only 1 hour, 34 minutes and 33 seconds to finish the last Big Boss! There are some videos called “Speedrun” on YouTube, which is a kind of contest between expert players, and the process is recorded as a video and uploaded to YouTube. There are no flowers or fakes.

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gymnast86 only relied on 4 hearts with the lowest blood volume, and did not take a special route to search for armor. He minimized the number of battles and reached the final maze as soon as possible. Apart from shouting so hard, he also wanted to know how the master quickly cleared the level: this episode Speed Run cannot kill the Demon King City as soon as the game is started. You must first complete the temples to liberate the 4 abilities of Link’s right hand “Ultimate Hand”, “Building with Surplus Materials”, “Talking to the Sky” and “Reversing the Universe”. The important “hang glider”, otherwise it would be impossible to explode the plane.

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Liberate the 4 great abilities of Link’s right hand “Extreme Hand”, “Building with Surplus Materials”, “Talking to Heaven” and “Reversing the Universe”
In addition, the most important “Hang Glider” must be obtained

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Combat: You need to learn several high-level skills

“Tears of the Kingdom” is the same as the previous episode “Breath of the Wild”. There is no character Level, attack power, defense power and other values. 4 hearts will kill to the end, because he is proficient in various skills:

1) Use the materials dropped by monsters, such as animal teeth and horns, to synthesize powerful weapons with ordinary swords and sticks.

2) Use bows and various special materials to launch explosive and frozen arrows, which will greatly reduce the opponent’s HP before burying themselves in hand-to-hand combat. Sometimes it is even necessary to use the high-level technique “flat glider cancel” to shoot arrows.

3) Use the state of shield defense, bow drawing, etc. to activate the high-level skill “Link Time”. In addition to avoiding the enemy’s attack, you can also enter the slow-motion time, and make continuous moves in an instant, with extremely high lethality.

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Speed ​​Run may make you miss a lot of plots. It is a challenge to explode the machine at the fastest speed. However, you will still see some very late plots in the film, and you will see the real body of Boss at the end. If you don’t want to Don’t click the following video if you are spoiled.

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