The legendary Sofia Rotaru may lose her house and land in Yalta

The man believes that the musician can lose her property only if the inspection reveals violations – the court will deal with it.

“I understand the Russians, I understand the people of Crimea who want to confiscate, and that’s it. But we don’t. The legality check of the purchase of the historic mansion, as well as the tax audit, will soon begin. And if violations are discovered, after the trial, it is possible to transfer the mansion to a music school or a recording studio,” said Roman.

Ukrainians are outraged by such statements that Yalta is not a part of Crimea – in 2014, Russia occupied Crimea. As the war in Ukraine continues, every Ukrainian wants to liberate all occupied territories, including Crimea, from the occupiers.

Fans console Rotara, if her property is taken away, sooner or later she will get it back, just like Ukraine will get its territories back!

On the 75th anniversary, Rotaru revealed that supports Ukraine in the war against Russiaand also operates a humanitarian aid center that provides support to children, wives and mothers who have lost their family’s main breadwinner in the war.

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