Health The letter from the coronavirus infected doctor: "When you...

The letter from the coronavirus infected doctor: “When you are young you think you are immortal”

Federico Roiter He is 30 years old and a doctor at Hospital Austral, the same health center where he is now hospitalized for pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. While remaining isolated and recovering, he wrote a letter to raise awareness among the youngest. “This disease has no age, sex, religion or social class limits. You have to have respect for it, which does not imply fear, but does involve commitment ” the doctor told

Federico is young, his health is good and he is more used to caring for patients than to being one of them.

His girlfriend was the first to catch the disease. Since there were practically no complications, the doctors told him to rest at home until he recovered. Frederick she contracted the disease a few days later.

The doctor reported that he had very strong muscle, joint and headaches. In addition, he raised a fever and felt a discomfort in his chest when breathing. At the health center, in addition to the swab, they did a chest plate and confirmed that he was developing pneumonia, so he was hospitalized.

“It is very rare, I dedicated myself to hospitalization and went to see my patients 15 times a day. The doctor only sees me once in the morning. Then they call me on the phone and, if I feel good, they don’t come back to prevent contagion, ”he said of his days in the hospital.

Even though he now “feels perfect”, he still has at least 10 days more hospitalized. His family and friends closely follow his medical report and fill him with messages of encouragement to help him cope. “Everyone is surprised. When these things touch you closely, you become more sensitive ”, Federico assured.

He too was shocked by the diagnosis. “I have two problems: I am a doctor and a young man, which made me “believe” that these diseases happen to older people. That is why we must have extreme respect for the coronavirus and comply with isolation, which is the only effective treatment demonstrated, “he reflected in dialogue with this medium. “When you are young you think you are immortal”, He launched.

Federico can’t wait to reunite with his family. When all this happens and it’s just one more story to tell, the first thing you would like to do is get together to eat a barbecue with his family. After this, not even the most everyday will mean the same to him again.

The doctor’s letter



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