The LHR lock was finally broken. A great festival of crypto miners

Mining Ethereum on graphics cards was one of the many components of the huge demand for graphics cards. Nvidia, in order to discourage crypto miners, introduced an algorithm to its cards that significantly reduces performance, but as you can see, crypto miners managed to avoid it completely.

in the middle of last year, Nvidia cards with the annotation LHR from the GeForce RTX30XX series, finally supplanted ordinary models without a limiter from the market. It is about those much appreciated by crypto miners. Only the LHR models remained on the market at that time, where the efficiency in the extraction of cryptocurrencies was reduced to 50%. Only flagships like RTX 3090 / Ti and graphics cards from the series were free from this solution CMP devoid of video outputs that after the boom has ceased cryptocurrencies they will only become worthless electro-waste.

For this reason, cryptocurrency miners preferred cards for players, which, in the event of unprofitable mining, can always be resold on the secondary market. It is worth noting, however, that in August, an update to the crypto mining software from NiceHash was released, which allowed to restore up to 70 percent. card performance with a note LHR in digging cryptocurrencies.

Now NiceHash has released an update that completely unlocks 100%. mining potential Ethereum on LHR graphics cards. This one has already found its way into common mining programs, and we decided to check these revelations on the graphics card Zotac GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Gaming AMP Holo. For this purpose, we used the NBMiner software version 40.1, which allows us to achieve up to 70 percent. mining performance on LHR graphics cards and the latest NBMiner 41 with a fresh patch from NiceHash.

You can see that our editorial copy of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, using the settings suggested by crypto miners, is able to reach 85.83 MH / s on the older version of the software, and the latest version of NBMiner 41 raises the result to 119.7 MH / s. This is a significant progress, as so far such performance was only available to owners of the RTX 3090.

  • RTX 3080 Ti performance in Ethereum mining at 70%  unlocked.
  • RTX 3080 Ti performance in Ethereum mining at 100%  unlocked.
Source of photos: © | Przemysław Juraszek

RTX 3080 Ti performance in Ethereum mining at 70% unlocked.

This is a very large increase, especially for cryptocurrency miners with graphics cards based on graphics cards with the note LHR, but in our opinion it should not significantly affect the availability of Nvidia graphics cards in the near future. Firstly, energy prices continue to rise, and the Ethereum price has been falling for several months so far, which will not be an incentive to expand or build new “mines”. Today, ETH is priced at $ 2,400, the worst result since July 2021.

It is worth noting, however, that if the ETH fires again to the level of 4,000. USD as it was from October to December last year, the problematic market situation may come back. The new NBMiner 41 software runs on both Windows and Linux and covers most cards except the recently introduced 3050 and 3080 12GB versions which use a newer version of the LHR algorithm.

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