The lineup of the national football team going to Japan will be dominated by the old players, and then the old and new will be replaced._Training_Players_Zhu Chenjie

Original title: The lineup of the national football team to Japan will be dominated by the old players and then the old and new will be replaced

The national football team has already started the first day of training on January 12. In the early training, the team mainly focuses on physical reserves, so the huge coaching team will not have a clear division of labor for the time being. What is certain is that when the national team leaves Shanghai for Japan, about half of the coaches will leave, and these coaches who will leave will most likely be in charge of the training of the second team or the second group in Shanghai.

1 Use cooked not raw

The so-called “first team and second team” or “first team and second team” actually means that after the deadline for the second batch of players to report on January 14, all the players will be divided into two, and the grouping basis is basically Players who will travel to Japan for the Round of 12 will be divided into a group, and most of the players in this group will be players who have played in the Round of 12 before. The other group is basically dominated by newly recruited players, or young players, and players in this group are unlikely to go to the top 12.

This kind of grouping is also easy to understand, because players who have not experienced the top 12 games simply cannot understand how difficult it is to play in the top 12 games, especially the huge psychological pressure that not everyone can bear. This is like the two rounds of the national team in the UAE in November last year. The overall performance was better than the games in September and October. One of the important reasons is that after the actual combat in the first four games, the international players obviously adapted to 12 The rhythm and intensity of a strong game.

As the coaching staff that has just taken over, in such a short time, it will basically be “use the familiar and not the raw”, and it is a relatively safe transition method to use the previous lineup. What’s more, for the coaching staff headed by Li Xiaopeng, they are also new recruits. As coaches, they have not experienced the cruelty of the top 12 competition. This is completely different from the World Cup they experienced 20 years ago. This also makes it even more necessary to focus on stability in terms of players, and use more old players to complete the two games in front of you. After this transition period, it is a wise choice to choose the replacement of old and new.

This may also explain why so many players are called in from another perspective. The draft is one aspect. Through a training camp, all the suitable players in the country are gathered so that the coaching staff can observe closely; on the other hand, According to the requirements of the coaching staff, the national team hopes to arrange two high-quality warm-up games before playing the Japanese team. However, in the current epidemic prevention policy, it is impossible to invite strong foreign teams to China to accompany the national football team to warm up, nor to go out to arrange a warm-up match. In the past, the Chinese Super League and Chinese League One teams accompanied the national football warm-up match. Since the 2021 season has just ended, the club teams are basically on vacation, so it is impossible to play warm-up opponents.

Therefore, the national team called so many players and divided them into two. To put it bluntly, they needed people to play the role of “accompanying the prince to study” and help the other half of the players play two warm-up games to adjust their state. Of course, those who performed well in the warm-up match may also have the opportunity to be added to the roster for the Eastern Expedition to Japan.

As for the latter matter, we need to wait for the 7-8 rounds of the top 12 to finish, because the immediate priority is to prepare for the Japan-China and Vietnam-China battles.

2 Zhu Chenjie returned to the team and stayed at the hotel

On the afternoon of January 13, the Chinese men’s national football team, which was training in Shanghai, went to the Century Park Stadium for the second training session. On the day of registration, Zhu Chenjie, who temporarily left the team due to physical reasons, returned to the team, but did not participate in the joint training with the team. Li Shuai and Liu Ruofan, who had just completed the Super League play-offs with their respective teams, rushed directly from Jiangyin to Shanghai to report to the national team. In this way, the national team has now reached 30 people.

On the first day of the national football registration day, 28 of the 52 international players arrived at the hotel. Among them, Zhu Chenjie was arranged to return home to rest because his routine body temperature test showed abnormality. Therefore, the actual size of the team is only 27 people. After two days of rest, Zhu Chenjie’s body temperature was completely normal and he returned to the national team. However, from a safety point of view, the coaching staff did not arrange Zhu Chenjie to accompany the team to the training ground for training, but went to the gym for recovery training by himself.

In addition, Li Shuai and Liu Ruofan, who completed the Super League play-offs with their respective clubs on the 12th, also rushed to Shanghai to report to the national team after a day of rest, and followed the team to the training ground. However, the two were just jogging on the sidelines to recover. Yin Hongbo, who missed the 12th training due to physical discomfort, also appeared on the sidelines. However, together with Zhang Xizhe, under the guidance of team doctor Coty, he carried out recovery training alone in the gym next to the stadium. Both were unable to train normally because of old injuries. The remaining 25 players will first start physical training under the command of physical fitness coach Will.

Since the national football team has just started the Chinese Super League, they just rested for less than 10 days. Therefore, the national team’s early training camp mainly focuses on physical training and physical reserves, which will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent technical and tactical training and training with the ball. Base.Return to Sohu, see more


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