The Linux PinePhone Pro Explorer smartphone takes its first steps

Pine64 will ship its first copies of the PinePhone Pro. A smartphone designed for ARM-compatible GNU/Linux distributions. Notice to connoisseurs.

The Linux PinePhone Pro Explorer smartphone takes its first steps

Pine64, the maker of microcomputers, an alternative to Raspberry Pi products, Pine Phone KDE edition and Pinebook Pro, is preparing to launch the PinePhone Pro Explorer edition.

PINE64 PinePhone ProPINE64 PinePhone Pro

The first PinePhone Pro Explorer are available

The device follows the PinePhone, which stood out in 2019 for its base Linux and its privacy switches, allowing access to certain components to be physically cut off. Today Pine64, the group behind the device, comes back with a Pro version which retains the achievements of its predecessor, but pushing the sliders upwards in terms of performance… even if we remain far from what the leaders of the Android market at an equivalent price.

The first smartphones will be sold in the United States. However, beware, it is mainly aimed Linux enthusiasts and experienced developers with experience in embedded systems.

The PinePhone Pro can run several ARM-based flavors of Linux and it uses Rockchip’s RK3399S ARM SoC, which consists of two fast 1.5GHz A72 cores and four less powerful 1.5GHz A53 cores. It comes with 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 128GB of eMMC storage, Sony 13MP main camera and 8MP front camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, 4G (but 5G ) and pogo pins for connecting an external keyboard or other compatible accessories.

The Linux PinePhone Pro Explorer smartphone takes its first stepsThe Linux PinePhone Pro Explorer smartphone takes its first steps

The Linux phone also has a Micro SD card slot for up to 2TB of additional storage and a 3000mAh Li-Po battery which is actually removable. However, the device only has a 30-day warranty. The phone also has video output via USB-C and offers USB 3.0 data transfer, which is not common on Android smartphones.

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You will have the choice to install one of the different compatible GNU/Linux distributions including Arch Linux, Manjaro, Mobian (based on Debian) or even postmarketOS.

In short, if you are interested, it’s happening there to order a PinePhone Pro Explorer.

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