The liposculpture surgeon who caused Sara’s death was not properly trained

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The surgeon who performed the liposculpture on Sara Gómez, the woman who died in January 2022only one month after the intervention, lacked adequate training for this type of operation, since he is a specialist in cardiovascular surgery, not in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, according to the report prepared by the Institute of Legal Medicine of Murcia.

The report has been incorporated into the case that is being processed in an Investigating Court in Cartagena, the city where both the clinic where the liposculpture was carried out and the hospital to which the patient was transferred before the state are located. severity that he presented after the operation.

Forensics believe there was a hours delay in carrying out this transfer, which should have been done with greater diligence, given Sara’s situation. They add that it is “probable” that the technique used by the surgeon, JAM, in the intervention was not the most appropriate; above all, due to the amount of substance extracted from the patient’s body and the handling of the extractor cannulas, which caused serious injuries.

The forensic report indicates, on the other hand, that Sara, whose family the Murcian criminal defends Evaristo Llanosshe should have been operated on when she arrived at the hospital, without waiting for five days to pass, as happened, which caused her condition to deteriorate and peritonitis that could not be resolved.

In this legal case he also appears as investigated, together with the surgeon, the anesthesiologist who took part in liposculpture, JG

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