The list of affected countries has been updated: three European countries and a popular holiday destination have left the red zone

That means those who came from COVID-19 unvaccinated and relapsed individuals will not need to be isolated, but will have to be tested before and after arrival, Ministry of Health (SAM).

However, the red zone was added Slovakia, from which unvaccinated and non – sick persons arriving from Monday will be subject to a pre – trip examination and 10 days of isolation upon arrival.

Poland remains the only country in the green zone. Travelers arriving or returning from it will have to test before arrival.

The list of affected countries is updated every Friday and takes effect next Monday. In accordance with European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) maps, foreign countries are divided into different color zones, which are subject to the relevant requirements.

In the list of affected countries compiled in Lithuania, the country is assigned to a specific color group according to the color of the most affected region of the country. Third countries that do not provide data to the ECDC fall into the gray area.

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