The little son of the well-known Hungarian singer was born

Márió Kunu, a well-known Hungarian singer, created his YouTube channel in 2016, he is already followed by nearly 300,000 people, his best-known song will soon reach 19 million views. Mario’s wife, Alexandra, is followed by more than 60,000 on Instagram.

In his latest Instagram post, Márió Kunu showed his fans the new family member he had been waiting for. The singer also posted a video of her little boy, and in a description, she responded to fans’ worried questions: “My son and Sandy are fine, too.” Fans were able to follow Sandy’s daily lives during her pregnancy, and the young mom regularly posted and answered questions that arose for their followers. She was pregnant for 40 weeks, the baby only snuggled out at the last moment – they were in the cinema the night before, from where they jokingly posted, hoping it would trigger childbirth.

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