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The Lord of the Heavens 7: release date, trailer, story and what will happen, Rafael Amaya, actors and characters of season 7 of the Telemundo drug trafficking network | New episodes of the telenovela by Aurelio Casillas | The Lord of Heaven TV | series


The Lord of the Skies 7: release date, trailer and what will happen in season 7 | Telemundo confirmed in May 2018 that the seventh season of "The lord of the heavens"(" The Lord of the Skies "in English) will reach the screens of your signal, awakening the interest of your followers. While he made this important announcement last year, he has not yet revealed whether Rafael Amaya reappears like the narco Aurelio Casillas in the new episodes of the soap opera.

It is also unknown if the recordings of the next chapters of "The Lord of Heaven"They have already started, because the organizers keep it in total reserve." Regarding the participation of Rafael Amaya, the television network did not want to provide more details about it, neither the actor himself nor his fellow cast members. The last episode of the drugstore, Casillas gave signs that he could wake up from the coma.


In the sixth season of "The lord of the heavens", Aurelio Casillas passed from the hunter to the prey of a brutal persecution orchestrated by the Colombian drug dealer "El Cabo" in revenge for the death of his son. In one of the clashes, Casillas received blows that left him in a coma due to their severity; however, in the final episode he managed to move his fingers, which could be a signal that he will finally wake up and rejoin the war.

In principle, the absence of Rafael Amaya He did not respond to a plot, but to a disease that the actor contracted during soap opera recordings. "He became ill of histoplasmosis, a respiratory infection he acquired after recording in a cave where there were bats. A chapter of the record was recordedThe Lord of Heaven"In a cave where there were bat feces, which he accidentally inhaled and then contracted the fungus," said one member of the production at the time.

the pulmonary histoplasmosis it is a disease contracted by the inhalation of spores produced by the fungus histoplasma capsulatum, the same one found in the droppings of birds and bats.

This disease affects thousands of people every year with a normal immune system and there are very few people who are in serious condition. This was the case of Rafael, who was much more affected by this disease.

Rafael Amaya he opted to get away from the cameras and disappear from their social networks. I haven't posted several months ago Instagram or chirping. Nor has he participated in public events. However, the Mexican actor took part in a promotion registered by Telemundo to celebrate the end-of-year festivities of 2018, although it is not clear when this session was held, he gave a sample of the recovery of the interpreter.

Until now we do not know if Rafael Amaya will return to interpret the #Lord of the heavens& # 39 ;. Telemundo did not make any statement in this regard. Also the Mexican actress Karla Carrillowho interprets Corina Saldaña, a pair of Aurelio Casillas in the story written by Luis Zelkowicz, he acknowledged that at least she didn't know what would happen with Amaya.

"This information, because we are not afraid of it," Carrillo said in an interview for the Mexican television program "La Cuchara".

"I had a relationship with him at work and super professional, he was always very generous with me and we talked about our scenes and he helped me grow a lot as an actress, but I hope he is well and is ready to come back", he said. said the actress.

Carrillo also said he did not know where the actor was after his sudden departure from "The Lord of Heaven"." I have no knowledge, we continue to roll while our books arrive, but Rafa's personal life I have no knowledge now, "he ratified.

Did the actor have any problems with Telemundo?

TVNotas magazine published a report in which a production source said that although Amaya was absent due to a health problem, the reason his character would be put into a coma was that Telemundo was not sure about bringing him back.

According to statements released by the entertainment magazine, after she fell ill, Amaya threatened Telemundo executives with reporting them for putting their health at risk, claiming they had not taken the necessary precautions to avoid infection.

He also noted that, as part of his disagreements, the actor requested a salary increase, but the television refused and demanded that he return to work immediately.


The sixth episode of "The lord of the heavens"He left several questions that will be solved in the new episodes that could arrive in 2019. The Casillas, with Amado & # 39; Águila Azul & # 39; and Ismael at the head, and Chema joined to finish & # 39; El Cabo & # 39 ; but they did not kill him, reduce your strength.

Furthermore, even though Evelina (Ninel Conde) managed to escape from "El Cabo" and spent time with her father and could give birth to her daughter with tranquility in the Dominican Republic, the narco reappeared in her life.

To save his family, Amado decided to surrender to the Mexican authorities, so, while his family fled, he confronted the DEA, and when the agents tried to search his house, he told them that no one was left and everything exploded.

What will happen to Amado? ¿Aurelio Casillas will wake up from the coma and return to assume the role of protagonist in the series of Telemundo? Will & # 39; El Cabo & # 39; will he be able to defeat Aurelio? What will happen in the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico?


  • Robinson Díaz plays Miltón Jiménez & # 39; El Cabo & # 39;
  • Alberto Guerra plays José María & # 39; Chema & # 39; Venegas
  • Ninel Conde plays Evelina
  • Iván Arana plays Ismael Casillas Guerra
  • Alejandro López plays El Súper Javi
  • Lisa Owen plays Alba Casillas
  • Isabella Castillo plays Diana Ahumada
  • Matías Novoa plays Amado Leal, & # 39; Águila Azul & # 39;
  • Guy Ecker plays Joe Navarro


  • Creation: Luis Zelkowicz, Mariano Calasso, Andrés López López
  • Music: Marco Flores, Alexander Adhami, Juan Carlos Rodríguez
  • Direction: Víctor Herrera McNaught, Carlos Villegas Rosales, Walter Doehner, Jaime Segura, José Luis García Agraz, Moisés Ortiz Urquidi, Miguel Varoni, Danny Gavidia
  • Creative direction: Olin Díaz, Carlos Herrera, Claudia Vergara
  • Screenplay: Iris Dubs, Laura Sosa, Juan Manuel Andrade, Jorge Cervantes, Luis Colmenares, Roberto Levermann, Carmina Narro, Roberto Rodríguez, Guillermo Ríos
  • Edition: Ramiro Pardo, Marcos González, Rigel Sosa Andrade, Andrés Kaiser, Marco Antonio Martínez Domínguez, Perla Martínez, Horacio Valle
  • Cinematography: Javier Morón, Damián Aguilar, Juan Bernardo Sánchez Mejía, Esteban de Llaca, José Gerardo de la Torre, Ignacio González, Jesús Iván Rodríguez, Jorge Rubio Cazarín, Juan Pablo Ambris, Andrés León Becker


The seventh season of "The lord of the heavens"It does not have an official release date yet Telemundo, but it would be this year 2019.

"The Lord of Heaven", censorship in Cuba

In the middle of July last year, the production was censored by all the so-called Cuban "matrices" because it counted that Castro and Valdés had a close connection with the Mexican drug traffickers.

In the chapter in question, the protagonist Aurelio Casillas emphasized that Castro and Valdés were important partners in the distribution of drugs throughout the region. According to "The Lord of Heaven", the drug trade would have funded the guerrilla and the subsequent Cuban government.

As reported by Cubanet, the Cuban government has communicated to all the networks that distribute the series to be able to face serious jokes of arrest if they transmit audiovisual material contrary to the "principles of the revolution".

As is known, one of the ways in which Cubans have access to foreign productions is through the so-called weekly packages, these are distributed through USB drives in which there are films, series and other television programs, among whom was "The Lord of Heaven".

Apparitions of Rafael Amaya on the screen

  • The beach house (2000) – Romualdo Reyes
  • Donna, real life cases (2001)
  • Sin Sin Conceido (2001) – Cástulo Campos Ortiz
  • Salomé (2001-2002) – José Julián Lavalle
  • The Love Ways (2002-2003) – Paco / Pablo Rivera
  • Still love (2004) – Fernando Castañeda Eslava
  • The two faces of Ana (2006-2007) – Rafael Bustamante / Gustavo Galván
  • Betty (2007-2009) – Lorenzo
  • The simulators (2008) – Rubalcaba
  • Mujeres asesinas (2008) – Óscar
  • S.O.S .: Sex and other Secrets (2008) – Martín
  • The blue skin (2010) – Fernando
  • Someone looks at you (2010) – Julián García Correa
  • The Queen of the South (2011) – Raimundo Dávila Parra & # 39; El Güero & # 39;
  • Hospital Central (2011) – Dr. Enrique Guerrero
  • Doctor Mateo (2011) – Roberto
  • The lord of the skies (2013 – today) – Aurelio Casillas & # 39; The lord of the skies & # 39;
  • Lady Steel (2014) – Aurelio Casillas (Cameo)
  • El Chema (2016) – Aurelio Casillas & # 39; The Lord of the Skies & # 39;




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