‘The Lord of the Skies’ season 8 already has a release date: look at the trailer for the series

It’s official! Telemundo revealed the release date for the season 8 of ‘The Lord of the heavens’. Through its social networks, the television house shared a video where Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya) is seen being tortured in jail.

“They took me out of the grave, they made everyone believe that I was dead. Locked up, tortured, like an animal, but there is no caged animal that does not want to escape and that does not want to return to its herd. The family is not touched, much less if they are Casillas”, the protagonist is heard saying.

When does ‘The Lord of the Skies 8’ premiere?

The season 8 of ‘The Lord of the heavens’ the premiere Tuesday January 17 from 2023 by Telemundo.

For the continuation of the story, one of the actors who confirmed his return was Isabella Castillo, who shines with Isidro (Garbiel Bonilla), who returns with his role as the son of Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya). Another beloved character is Tata (Wendy de los Cobos), who published an image of her with her fictional son, Ismael Casillas.

Aurelio Casillas returns from the dead in the official trailer for season 8

The actor Rafael Amaya launched a advance of what will be seen in the eighth season of ‘The Lord of the heavens’ where his character is seen to ‘resurrect’ to take revenge on his enemies and remain the leader.

In the minute and a half teaser, Casillas is heard saying that he will return to put things right. “It is said that only God sees us all, but sometimes what is unseen has the power to destroy everything and everyone in its path.”

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In addition, in the images of the video you can see all the pawns of Aurelio Casillas go to the desert where he was buried to save his life. Many of them run to open his coffin where he finally wakes up.

They immediately take out their shovels and picks to dig, realizing that it is their companions, ‘The Lord of the Skies’ begins to hit the wood desperately and manages to get out of there. Seeing him well, they hand him his weapon and he shouts his popular phrase “Arre!”.

In real life, Amado Carrillo was wanted by the police and the DEA, but he was very elusive, so it was not easy to catch him. He was known as ‘The Lord of the heavens‘ Due to the large fleet of planes (Boeing 727) and small planes that he had, this transport helped him to be able to move the drugs from Mexico to the United States and he knew how to make it so that the radars did not manage to fix it as a point.


I understood that reference

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