The lost dog was found alive 150 meters underground

When teacher and amateur caver Rick Haley, along with a group of about thirty other people, set out for the Berome Moore underground cave complex on August 6, he had no idea that an ordinary expedition to map other parts of the vast passages would turn into a rescue expedition.

The sixty-six-year-old Haley was supposed to oversee the logistics of the expedition and was also a sort of crisis manager in case something went wrong. He learned about the dog when he climbed out of the cave.

“I’m glad you’re here,” another caveman, who is also the local fire chief, turned to him. He then told him that a group of tourists spotted a dog deep down in the caves, alive but very exhausted.

Haley, who is trained in cave rescue, then went back underground with a similarly experienced colleague, Gerry Keen.

After endless minutes of crawling through narrow corridors, they finally reached a space at a depth of about 150 meters. There they came across an impoverished bitch.

“She didn’t look injured, but she was really malnourished. She was just skin and bones and covered in mud,” Haley told CNN.

The cavers wrapped the dog in blankets and brought him back to the surface. The animal was in bad shape, but as Haley noted, as soon as the female came into the light, “her eyes sparkled.”

How long Abby spent in the caves and how she actually got there is unclear. According to Haley, it is most likely that she was chasing a squirrel or a raccoon and went underground in the process. The rains and floods then drove her deeper into the caves, from where she could no longer get out on her own.

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