The lucky charm for every zodiac sign in 2022

Lucky charms help balance the energy of 2022 with the signs of the zodiac by fulfilling the function of “bridge” that unites, on the one hand, the positive vibration of the year and, on the other, the destiny of each member of the horoscope.

This powerful cosmic energy is personal, so at each of the 12 zodiac signs has a symbol that will represent and empower the rest of the year. According to astrologers from Wemystic, this is the amulet that corresponds to your sign in 2022 and that, if you carry it with you everywhere, could help you achieve countless achievements.

Aries – A key

The key will guarantee Aries protection, luck and will open the ways. It is an amulet capable of “closing” the body of negative energies and will favor situations that imply changes. Plus, it will help you close cycles and promote favorable starts. Experts say that the key should be made of silver, gold, steel, aluminum or any material that is not plastic.

Taurus – Half Moon

The objects in the shape of a crescent will be indicated for Taurus by projecting inner strength, protecting them from negative energies and unwanted situations such as economic instability. They can wear it as a pendant, bracelet, ring or any other means that allows them to have it close. Preferably it is made of gold, silver, copper, amber or bronze.

This animal symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, mystery and intuition. It is recommended to have it in a statuette, preferably silver, because it will give protection at work and at home. You can also wear the owl image on silver, gold or bronze necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Cancer – Greek eye

It will help you absorb negative energies such as envy and the evil eye. Its protective effects will also enhance your rational and intuitive side. In addition, it will help you to have peace, so you should use it in accessories such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Leo – Chinese snake

The Chinese snake is one of the sacred animals of Feng Shui because it is always ready for any situation in life. As an amulet it will give Leo protection and fortune. You can complement this talisman with the figure of the dragon.

Virgo – Turkish eye

Virgo’s lucky charm for 2022 is the Turkish or Greek eye. Its effects cause negative energy to be neutralized and can give you mental clarity. Like Cancer, it is suggested to wear it in accessories.

Libra – Sun

The sun represents light, vitality, knowledge, power, strength, birth, resurrection, and immortality. As a Libra amulet it will give you life force, hope and overcoming difficulties. This symbol will help you solve your questions and make the best decisions. You can wear it on pendants, earrings, and charms made of materials such as gold, silver, or bronze.

Any gold jewel will be the lucky charm for Scorpio. It represents enlightenment, knowledge, divinity and immortality. As a talisman it is a powerful protector against negative energies and provides mental clarity to solve difficult situations.

The laurel symbolizes glory and prosperity, so if you wear a leaf as an amulet, it will help to increase your abundance and you will be successful in life. You should carry it in your bag or wallet for balance, peace of mind, and luck.

A birch leaf is the ideal Capricorn charm for 2022. It will help purify energy, protect you from negativity and give you fortune. Keep a sheet in your wallet or purse to take advantage of its properties.

Aquarium – A pyramid

The pyramid symbol represents spiritual elevation, the power of life over death, the beginning, middle and end, harmony and divinity, as well as the four elements. As an amulet it will give Aquarius determination and strength to achieve their goals. You can wear it as a pendant and other personal accessories.

The Pisces talisman is the animal that represents your sign. It symbolizes strength, endurance and perseverance. As an amulet it will give you protection and luck. You should wear it as a pendant or earring to attract happiness, prosperity and abundance in love.

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