The Lurah Rages Because The Student Has Failed PPDB Is Still Active ASN Page all

TANGERANG SELATAN, – South Tangerang Employment, Education and Training Agency (BKPP) said that Lurah Benda Baru Saidun is still an active State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

The Head of BKPP Apendi said that at present his party was still continuing to follow up on cases of student safekeeping and goods damage in South Tangerang 3 High School.

“It has not been deactivated, it cannot necessarily be like that. The rules are taken first, the process,” he said when confirmed on Friday (24/7/2020)

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At this time, Apendi claimed that Saidun’s new village chief had already been summoned by the Inspectorate.

So, BKPP still has to wait for the results of the inspection to determine the sanctions that will be given

“Already, with the Inspectorate, we will later with our team. We will decide later, this is a process,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of South Tangerang Inspectorate Uus Kusnadi confirmed that the investigation of cases involving Lurah Benda Baru continued.

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“(Still) On progres in stages, “in short.

Previously, Lurah Benda Baru, South Tangerang, damaged the goods in the room of the Principal of SMA 3 Tangsel because he was upset because the student candidate whose recommendation was rejected by the school.

Pamulang Police Chief Kompiyanto Supiyanto confirmed the incident that occurred at the school.

According to him, Saidun’s new village headman was upset with the school because a number of the students he had proposed to enter the school were not passed.

“Reported (headman) immediately kicked the jar on the guest room of the principal’s office,” he said when confirmed, Friday (07/17/2020).

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Supiyanto said, the Principal of South Tangerang 3 High School Aan Sri Analiah could not fulfill Saidun’s request.

The reason is because there have been several names of prospective students who previously claimed to be recommended by the Lurah.

“Previously there were three prospective new students in the name of the new village head, but they were still in reserve,” he said.

Not happy with the Lurah’s attitude, the school reported the incident to the Pamulang Police Station.

Saidun was reported on charges of Article 335 Paragraphs 1 and 406 of the KHUP concerning Violence or the Threat of Violence and Damage to Goods.


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