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The machine is ready, BM cell phones begin to be blocked at 22.00 WIB tonight? All pages – Illegal cell phone blocking alias black market reportedly will be done starting tonight, Tuesday (15/9/2020).

One of the sources familiar with this issue said that the government, in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) and the Ministry of Industry (kemenperin) will start blocking BM cell phone at 22.00 WIB.

Reliable source KompasTekno also said the Centralized Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) system on the government side and the Equipment Identity Register (EIR) on the cellular operator side are ready, and can be fully operational starting Tuesday (15/9/2020) tonight.

Both are needed to match BM cell phone database, and perform blocking.

However, it is not yet known the criteria for BM cellphones to be blocked. Previously, it was said that BM phones that were blocked were those that had not been activated on April 18, which was the initial schedule for implementing the regulation IMEI.

However, because it was delayed until mid-September, it is not known whether this rule will change or not.

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After the implementation was postponed on April 18, the government revised the implementation of the IMEI rules on August 24, 2020. However, the plan was postponed again until August 31 and was delayed again to August 15.

Previous, KompasTekno has contacted the Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Telecommunications Operators (ATSI), Marwan O. Baasir. However, Marwan has not provided information on whether the blocking of BM’s cellphones will take effect today or not.

Some time ago, ATSI said that the preparation of IMEI rules was entering the final stage.
The association said the government was in the process of moving the database to the CEIR engine.

The CEIR machine is tasked with verifying the data from the EIR machine on the side of the cellular operator, then blocking illegal or black market (BM) cellphones.

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“All TPPs have entered, everything is already in the system. Now waiting for the migration from CEIR cloud to CEIR hardware,” he explained when contacted, Friday (11/09/2020). If all processes have been completed, the CEIR machine will be managed by the Ministry of Industry and Kominfo.

The Government Relations Division of the Indonesian Cellphone Association (APSI), Syaiful Hayat, urged the government to implement the IMEI Control rules effectively so that business actors who have invested and comply with TKDN regulations are protected and supported by the government.

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“Don’t let BM’s HP continue to easily enter Indonesian territory,” he said via text message.

It should be noted that the government uses a blocking mechanism whitelist. Whitelist apply normally off, where only phones with legal and registered IMEI numbers will receive operator signals.

BM cell phone what is blocked are BM cellphones that have not been activated or connected to any cellular operator. That means, BM cell phones that have been purchased and connected to the cellular operator’s network can still be used.



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