The macro-trial in the National Court against the Hell’s Angels ends with minimal penalties

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The trial in the National Court for the criminal activities of the Angels from Hell in Mallorca It has resulted in even lower sentences than those demanded by the Prosecutor’s Office, which had already minimized its requests for a conviction at the end of the trial.

The court has imposed sentences of no more than two years in prison – which allow one to avoid actual imprisonment – on 32 defendants and has acquitted another 13, including his boss, Frank Hanebuth. The Chamber rules out convicting for the crime of criminal organization because it has not been proven that the accused formed a “criminal enterprise.”

The acquittal for this crime extends – as required by law – to all defendants, including those who had made an agreement with the prosecution at the beginning of the trial and had accepted a sentence for belonging to the group. Of the 45 accused (the accusation was withdrawn for one), 35 agreed and nine expressed their disagreement with the Prosecutor’s accusation.

The sentence, from the Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber, of 500 pages, applies to all defendants the mitigating circumstances of undue delays. Also the late recognition of the facts to those who complied before the trial, so their prison sentences are replaced by fines, as requested by the Public Ministry.

In the case of the main accused, Khalil Youssafi, the Court sentences him to nine years and nine months in prison, a sentence that, as in the case of other defendants who have admitted the facts, is replaced by fines. He had arrived at the trial with a request for 38 and a half years in prison for membership in a criminal organization, money laundering, threats, coercion, falsification of documents, concealment, prostitution, illegal detention, drug trafficking and possession of weapons.

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