The magic and animated fantasy of consoles

The almost hundred-year-old fantasies of Walt Disney are expressed, in 2020, more in streaming than in the famous amusement parks, closed or limited by the pandemic. However, this week, with the global launch of version 5 of Sony’s PlayStation – and its new command – and the recent Microsoft X-Box series X, analysts reignited a debate: that of artificial worlds created within. from popular video games like Minecraft, Fortnite or Roblox. Unlike their – excuse me – analog analogs like Disneyland, These digitally created universes have the particularity of being scripted by the player himself: we do not participate in a fantasy or a pre-designed narrative (that of the princesses of a castle, those of the realistic reproduction of a galactic saga) but rather that each player creates their environment with their actions, engenders virtues and difficulties within a set of options . The recent documentary War of consoles, produced by Seth Rogen, focuses on the 90s, between Sega and Nintendo, their aesthetics, their ideologies, and culminates, precisely, with the arrival of the first PlayStation. Just yesterday, the Vox site detailed the craze for new consoles in a year in which those online entertainment was a refuge for long hours for those locked in their homes. Globally.

To consider them mere “games” seems, in addition to an archaism, a contempt: they are even more than the dazzling and playful theme parks.

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