The majority association of judges attacks the amnesty law: "It is the beginning of the end of our democracy"

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The main association of judges issued a very harsh statement late on Wednesday against the approval of an amnesty law. “We now intend to take another step and place ourselves at the beginning of the end of our democracy. Break the rules of the 1978 Constitution and blow up the rule of law,” says the Professional Association of Magistracy (APM).

The statement considers that such a law “is not admissible in the 1978 Spanish Constitution,” because it conflicts with its essential elements, including equality or separation of powers. The association sees it as “unacceptable and unaffordable in a full democracy” that a rule is going to be passed that frees “only a few” from their criminal responsibilities.

He adds that the legal text that will be taken imminently in Congress represents an attack on the judges and their task of applying the laws, implying that the sentences linked to 1-O were “for political crimes.”

The brief from the association chaired by Judge María Jesús del Barco closes showing “the firmest rejection” of a bill that, according to the APM, seeks to “annul the Judicial Power” to benefit a part of the political class.

This is the full text from the APM statement:

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