The majority association of prosecutors appeals to the Supreme Court the appointment of Delgado as prosecutor of the Democratic Memory Chamber

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The Association of Prosecutors (AF) The appointment of Dolores Delgado as prosecutor of the Chamber of Human Rights and Democratic Memory before the Supreme Court has appealed this Wednesday. According to tax sources THE WORLDthe majority association of the Prosecutor Career considers that the appointment of Delgado is null and void and illegal since the current State Attorney General, Alvaro Garcia Ortiz, prevented the Fiscal Council from ruling on Delgado’s incompatibility for the position, attending to the business of his sentimental partner, former judge Baltasar Garzón.

Currently, the former judge is the sole administrator of the firm Ilocad and head of the foundation FIBGARboth entities specialized in the matter that Delgado controls as prosecutor of Human Rights and Democratic Memory.

In an unprecedented event, and as a clear sign of protest, the majority of the Fiscal Council refused to rule on the appointment of the former Minister of Justice of Pedro Sánchez as prosecutor of the Democratic Memory Room, considering the members that it was “palmaria”. Delgado’s unsuitability for the position. Most of the directors understood that the impartiality of Dolores Delgado was “seriously affected” because she was a partner of Garzón, “the promoter” of the Democratic Memory Law.

On the other hand, another of the candidates for the position, the anti-drug prosecutor Luis Ibanez, It has also challenged the royal decree of the Council of Ministers with the appointment of the former Minister of Justice and former State Attorney General.

In addition, the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the High Court is currently awaiting a decision on the lawsuit filed against the rise from Delgado to prosecutor of the Chamber. The lawsuit was filed by the former tax lieutenant of the Court of Accounts, Luis Ruedawhich García Ortiz did not propose despite having proven experience in military jurisdiction for three decades.

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