The Majority of Women Do Not Routine Health Screening for Cancer, Here’s the Explanation


JAKARTA Cancer is a deadly disease that has faithfully been a frightening specter for many people in the world, from the past until now.

But unfortunately, not many people are aware or aware of the potential for cancer, which in fact kills millions of people every year. The women are no exception.

Quoting the New York Post, Friday (9/24/2021) from a related global survey women’s health , the 2020 Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, shows that most women in the world do not routinely have health screenings or check themselves for cancer.

The survey results showed only about 12 percent of women who claimed to have undergone a health screening test for all types of cancer in the past 12 months. Including breast cancer and cervical cancer that attacks women.

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Apart from cancer, several other diseases are listed. Including heart disease, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases. As many as 33 percent of women in 116 countries in the world surveyed admitted that in the past year they had undergone a high blood pressure test.

While less than 19 percent of women who routinely undergo diabetes tests. Even in about 40 countries, the percentage figure only reaches one digit number.

Still in the same survey, although 88 percent of women said they believed regular health checks could help improve public health.

But as many as 40 percent of women, in fact, have not seen a health care professional in the past year.

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