The male star haunted house regrets that “it’s a pity to die early”… Reading the suicide note and singing, the temple master refused to enter the temple: he followed you and wanted to marry in a ghost | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are many taboos in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. If the workplace is special, there are even more taboos. Eason (Huang Yinxuan) said that he used to go out with Wuzun, but he didn’t expect Wuzun to praise the deceased for being beautiful, so he went to the temple the next day to worship. The temple master said that the girl was behind Wuzun, and it may still be there now, let everyone Super hairy.

Eason in“Miss Buxidi”It was revealed that he and Wu Zun used to host a supernatural show together. One time, he went out to the room of a woman who committed suicide because of emotional problems, and there was a handwritten suicide note on the table. You can see traces of moisture on it. It could not be made by the production unit. props.

The suicide note reads, “After this night, I will not be in this world. I am very happy to be with you in this life, but you betrayed me like this, and I will haunt you in the next life. I don’t want to turn this love into a bubble.” Unexpectedly, when Wu Zun heard the word “bubble”, he actually sang Deng Ziqi’s “Bubble”.

Eason was very dumbfounded at the moment, thinking about how someone would make a joke about the suicide note of the deceased, and his heart began to tremble. At this time, the female staff member outside Gu suddenly collapsed and cried. Eason said that the staff member had followed them for 2 years and this had never happened, so he quickly apologized to the deceased in his heart.

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The deceased wants to marry Wuzun. (Picture / Retrieved from YouTube / Miss Buxi Di)

However, the video did not end because the staff fainted. Wuzun picked up the photos of the deceased and began to discuss, “It’s such a pity to die so early.” As a result, Miao Gong pointed at Wuzun, “Don’t come in that boy.”

When I asked, I found out that Wuzun was followed by a blond woman. After comparing the photos, I found that it was the deceased. Wu Zun said that he was curious and asked Miao Gong why he was following him. “Miao Gong said that he wants to marry you in a ghost, and he may still be there now…”

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