The Malian president resigned after the military uprising

“I would like to inform you at this point of my decision to relinquish my functions, all my functions, from now on,” Keita said in a short broadcast with the veil on his mouth he wears over the covidu-19 pandemic. “I don’t want blood shed to keep me in power,” he added.

Keit was captured on Tuesday by soldiers at his presidential residence. The uprising took place at the Kati military base near the capital Bamako, which is now essentially controlled by the rebels.

Demonstrations have been taking place against Keit’s government in the country for several months. The opposition questions his re-election in the spring elections, and many are dissatisfied that the government cannot cope with the growing influence of armed Islamists in the north and central.

Recent developments in Mail have already been condemned by the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union and France, which has several thousand troops in the country. Dozens of its members are also maintained in Mali by the Czech army, according to the general staff of the Czech army, they are all in order.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) condemned the uprising and decided to close its Member States’ borders with Mali. It also cut off all financial relations with the country and called for sanctions.

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