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The man afro-american arrested by mistake in this video is not an FBI agent

A video spread on the social networks in a context of tensions generated by inequality racial widespread in the United States and its light through the death of George Floyd, this Afro-American who was asphyxiated due to a “pressure on his neck” during a police check.

This video of the arrest of a black man who circulates on the web is published and shared with descriptions and comments that suggest that this man, arrested by mistake by the police because of racial prejudices, would be an FBI agent. If this video is not a montage, its context has been hijacked. This video date of 2019 and the man who is not an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the united states.

Arrest of a black man in red t-shirt

Messages containing a video of a black man wearing a red t-shirt who was handcuffed by two white police officers are shared for the past few days on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

In this video, the man arrested calls into question the acts of the police officers conducting the arrest.

In one of the versions of the video, you can see the moments preceding the passage of the handcuffs, with the same man who repeats : “you assume that I am someone I am not“and accused the police use racial profiling to identify it when it is obviously a mistake on his identity.

After he was handcuffed, the police eventually retrieve from the back pocket of the individual as a portfolio. After consultation, they remove the handcuffs to the man to release it. In the aftermath, the suspect asked to speak to their manager and the maps of the three police officers to identify them, perhaps with a view to filing a complaint.

Where these images come from ?

As explained in our colleagues to Check the News, topic of Fact Checking the French daily Liberation, the images were initially posted on the account Instagram of @thisisnike1, last may 31. Since the publication has been removed.

The caption of the video stated that this video had been taken about a year earlier, and it involved police officers from the Rochester (Minnesota). Over the occasions of the video on the social networks, the message has been distorted and the man arrested by mistake became the “FBI agent”, but no evidence is advanced.

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Yet, as explained in the international press agency Reuters, the video date of 2019. In effect, the 1st of June of the past year, police in Rochester had issued a press release to explain that the police had believed to recognize a man, the subject of an arrest warrant for assault.

In this press release, the police explained that : “Thees officers felt they had reasonable suspicion to stop the individual and verify his identity. During the brief arrest, the identity documents have been found showing that it was not the individual against whom the officers knew that he had a mandate. The individual was released immediately. Contrary to the rumour mill of social media, the individual was not an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)“.

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