The man behind the Christmas ad that broke the heart of the nation has the viewers of GMB "broken" with the tearful movie


The man behind a low-budget holiday film has watched more than six million times he again had the nation in tears after making another Christmas tearful. Phil Beastall, from Gloucestershire, said he was "completely overwhelmed "from the answer to" Love is a gift "as thousands of people said was much better than those produced by giants like John Lewis. The 32-year-old has attracted so many fans with his £ 50 production that he was called to help Good Morning Britain promote their Christmas gift campaign. The journey of Million Minutes asks the public to give time to people who suffer loneliness this Christmas. The special film created to support the record was unveiled by Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway this morning. The film begins with a woman who is touched by a hand in the bed, but when she turns around she is alone, before showing a man and a son playing in their garden, but a few seconds later the boy disappears.

The film begins with a woman who looks happy at home in bed with a hand on her shoulder

A few seconds later he turns around to see that there is no one next to her after losing his partner An elderly man gathers two cups in the next scene, before remembering to be alone and putting him back on the sidelines before a father ask your wife to smile to their excited children under the tree – to find only one of her photographs. The clip shows strangers visiting people in the video and tells them about their loss – ending with the message "You can help end the loneliness." The actor Peter Dean, in the movie, revealed that he wrote letters to his children to read them after his death.

A father turns around to see his son after he has dreamed of playing football with him. He said: "When they do something good or good – they probably forget – it's not a nice thing to do, I'm a pen and paper man." Time is the greatest gift you can give and we do not have enough. " The first Christmas is always the first goal and it is not easier "I have a tree without decorations in the house but has small statues and all the names of the people we lost. "The original film of Mr. Beastall showed a young man who counted the days at Christmas in a calendar.

A father smiles as he turns to see his wife's reaction to their children playing under the tree

The woman is not there anymore and instead a photograph surrounded by candles is in place. It is not clear what he is waiting for while he wakes up at night. Finally, he arrives the day and discards a box of ribbons – which comes from his dead mother. He plays his last video, where he says his last goodbye. The short film has been praised as "breathtaking" like those who lost their loved ones burst into tears looking at him. Now, Mr. Beastall has been asked to collaborate with GMB to help fight the festive solitude. He said: "It was incredible, I thought people would look in the local community" That's why we asked you to create this movie for you guys is such an honor "With all of us we grew up in this thick exterior where we go into the world and there we beat and under it we have a soft core and we want to be loved. "The former Eastenders actor John Partridge who lost his mother in the Alzheimer last year was visibly moved by the film.

The film shows how strangers can make the difference to the lonely people by giving them the time. He said: "It's fun it's not because we're talking about time and time it's a healer". This is the second Christmas now and I can look back and think warmly. Sometimes you do not want to talk to the people closest to you. "We are an incredibly generous country.We give millions of pounds, time is something we all have and we can all give it." Lineliness leads to depression leading to Alzheimer's disease "I know it contributed to my mother's condition". Visitors were also overwhelmed.

The short film has collected more than 5 million views on Facebook this week after its creator, Phil Beastall, published it in response to the store's large budget production

Fans of a viral Christmas tear-off video made for just £ 50 ask John Lewis to hire the budget director for their next holiday announcement. Above, a scene of the announcement, which is called Love is a Gift. (Above, Actor Chris Ilston) Maria Whitehouse said on Twitter: "I could not watch this fantastic movie without crying." Pain is one of the hardest things we face in life. Hugs to anyone who has lost someone special on this Christmas. "Margaret Holman said:" This movie made me cry this morning, very moving. "Francesca Taylor added:" I'm in pieces. My father died five years ago and it does not become easier. A wonderful film that highlights pain and loneliness. Well done x & # 39;


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