The man England spoke to: He waited 20 hours in the emergency room, learned that he had Leukemia!

Creation Date: August 13, 2022 14:00

Gareth Dixon, who lives in England, went to the emergency room with increasing pain after not getting a hospital appointment for days. The 40-year-old man was diagnosed with leukemia after waiting 20 hours in the emergency room and insisting on getting a blood test. Here’s the incredible story England is talking about…


EnglandGareth Dixon, a 40-year-old worker living in the city of Warrington, wanted to see a doctor because of the worsening of his problems such as fatigue, pain and thirst, but could not get an appointment with the doctors.

The father of two children, who explained that he could only talk to the doctors on the phone and could not get an appointment for the examination, went to the emergency room with the guidance of his family after the severe pain that started in his chest.


The man, who had been waiting in the Warrington Hospital emergency room for exactly 20 hours, was told he needed to make an appointment with a doctor, just like on the phone. However, the man, who did not want to give up after a long and painful wait, insisted that he would not go anywhere without a blood test.


Gareth’s life in the hospital “They basically told me I didn’t have any problems. But I didn’t wait there for hours for that answer. I said I wasn’t going anywhere until my blood tests were done.” told with his words.


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At Gareth’s insistence, the blood results came out the next day. To the consultant man calling from the hospital ‘leukemiaHe gave the news that he was sick. The unfortunate man was admitted to the hospital after long hours in the emergency room and was unable to leave for 5 days.

Describing his treatment process after his diagnosis, the man said, “I thought I was diabetic or prostate cancer like everyone else in my family, but it was a big shock to me that I had leukemia. If you catch prostate cancer early enough, you can fully recover, but leukemia is much more difficult.”


Gareth, who started chemotherapy a few days after the appearance of his disease, will start stem cell therapy after the cancerous cells in his body are destroyed.

The man England spoke to: He waited 20 hours in the emergency room, learned that he had Leukemia

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The man’s wife, Laura, who had to quit her job due to intense and tiring treatment, stated that her heart was broken when she heard her husband’s diagnosis, “‘I couldn’t stop crying when we found out. It was heartbreaking’ she said, and that her husband had prepared to mark during treatment. ‘to do list’what he told.

Gareth’s family has now launched a fundraiser to help the man with leukemia fulfill his dreams of seeing the northern lights, going on a boat trip, and seeing the USA.


Leukemia is a type of cancer that manifests itself with the overgrowth of blood cells, especially white blood cells.

According to experts, the six most common symptoms experienced by all leukemia patients before being diagnosed are:

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-Shortness of breath
-High fever, night sweats
– Swelling in neck and armpit lymph nodes
-Bone and joint pain
-Recurrent infections

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