The map of the conflict between Israel and Hamas

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This Saturday, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas surprised with an attack by land and air Israel. They launched missiles in several cities in the country, while armed fighters murdered Israelis on the southern border, posting images of the assault on networks as they advanced on the ground. Other militants kidnapped dozens of Israelis and transported them to Gaza.

The assault occurs at a time of serious tensions between Israel and the authorities of Palestinewith the murder of Palestinians in West Bankconstant attacks by Israeli settlers and the increase in clashes over Al-Aqsa, the temple that both communities dispute.

The Palestinian military incursion has occurred in at least 25 Israeli towns. Rockets have fallen north of Tel Aviv, while gunmen have opened fire on bystanders in cities such as Sderot, Sufa, Nahal Oz o Magentowns near the border with the Gaza Strip.

The offensive launched this Saturday by the Islamist group Hamas under the name of “Storm At Aqsa” and the subsequent Israeli military retaliation called “Iron Swords” They lead all parties to agree on one word: “war.”

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