The Marechaussee arrested more people smugglers last year

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee arrested more people smugglers last year than in 2019. There were 123, which is an increase of 40 percent.

Many people smugglers were arrested, especially around the asylum seekers’ center in Ter Apel. “There alone were 45 arrests,” said Robert van Kapel of the military police in it NOS Radio 1 News. “We hear stories that some people have paid five to ten thousand euros to be taken to the sidewalk of the asylum seekers’ center.”

The Marechaussee has no explanation for the increase. “It will only be clear in a few years whether there is a trend,” says Van Kapel. He does say that there are more reports of undocumented migrants jumping out of trucks during checks at the Belgian and German borders.

Collaboration with Belgium and Germany

There are also more incidents in Dutch ports and undocumented migrants are more often found in the landing gear of aircraft.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is working closely with colleagues in Belgium and Germany to tackle the problem. “Because this remains a very serious phenomenon,” says Van Kapel.

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