The masks on the TV sets are “useless”, according to Marc-Olivier Fogiel

The managing director of BFM, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, estimated Monday that it would be “useless, anxious and disabling»To impose the wearing of masks on television sets, if other barrier measures against the coronavirus are respected. “I do not see why we would have masks to give an example, when the sanitary conditions in our premises are extremely well respected“, He declared on France Inter.

«Obviously, there are no exceptional measures, journalists do not have a special status which would mean that you do not wear a mask because you are a journalist. On the other hand [dans nos studios] we took all measures to make things safe“, Especially in terms of ventilation and physical distance, he pleaded.

«If there was a proven health risk, there would be no reason to depart from a rule, but it has been several months now that we have been faced with this crisis and not one person has fallen ill on our trays», He noticed. On the other hand, BFMTV journalists, when they report in places where the mask has been made compulsory, systematically wear one, including outdoors, he recalled.

Mask mandatory in business

Asked about the RMC / BFMTV antenna on the need to wear a mask on the antenna, epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, conversely, replied to journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin: “From a purely health point of view, yes, because we are in an enclosed space, because you have guests who have a lot of contacts, who are potentially at this asymtomatic phase where they could be virus shedders and therefore put you at risk».

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The member of the Scientific Council, who was not himself masked, said he understood “absolutely“Journalistic and technical arguments (sound quality), while adding that it would have been”more comfortable with a mask».

Wearing a mask will be compulsory in the workplace, including in “open spacesMinister of Labor Élisabeth Borne told AFP on Tuesday, joining recent calls made by several infectious diseases specialists to reduce the risk of contamination. This new rule should apply from September 1, but some plead for exemptions within the audiovisual industry.

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