“The match against Lazio is a twist of fate”. And about Lotito ..

Yesterday the presentation of Danilo Iervolino as the new president of the Salerno. The first team that the new patron will face in the league will be the Lazio, led by the former Lotito. The kick-off of the match was set at 18.30 on Saturday 15 January. In the meantime, the Neapolitan entrepreneur spoke about the match and the reception of theArechi. His words were reported in the dry review of radio: “Salernitana-Lazio is a twist of fate. I don’t know Lotito, I’ve never heard of him. It will be an emotionally strong match, I’ll be at Arechi. Football is a show, not a normal industry. When the presidents say: the team is mine and who cares, they hurt. I’ll try not to make these mistakes. “

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