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The mayor accused of having “real estate businesses” responded to Sergio Berni and compared his actions to a “Rambo” movie

In a home video that went viral last Tuesday, Berni is seen annoyed with the community chief, after they have been slow to attend him at the Zárate Monitoring Center, where the minister went to “see the cameras” and ” hit the criminal ”who had stolen from a woman minutes ago.

“Obviously in Zárate, if it is not a real estate business, which is the only thing that the mayor is interested in, health, education and security is what interests him least. That is why we are as we are”Berni charged against Cáffaro.

Although yesterday the communal chief only replied that he was not going to lend himself to “discussions with a minister who has to deal with very complex problems not yet resolved and on the rise ”, this Wednesday Cáffaro again pointed at the Axel Kicillof official accusing him of being irresponsible and of setting up “a teletheater”, especially after Berni replied that “If you don’t want to lend yourself to the discussion, well, I invite you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

Through a Twitter thread, he first referred to the disagreement with the minister in his district and accused him of handling the security forces: “You can meet someone when you agree to it. I am permanently in the Municipality. Take us to Zárate and Lima to take away the police support regarding the additional we had? I consider that you don’t play with that ”.

“If I really wanted to have a meeting, I would have had it. We already experienced it in 2015, when he withdrew the national security forces, there is a degree of irresponsibility that goes beyond what happened. You cannot harm people, we are here to govern for them, ”added the communal chief, referring to when Berni was the Secretary of Security for the government of Cristina Kirchner.

Cáffaro accused the official of the Province of mounting a show regarding the video of the controversy: “There are a whole series of coincidences that are not so casual. There are a series of times, of videos, of things that happen that seem more like a Rambo movie than the action that a minister must have. ”

“A Municipality is a Municipality and a police station is a police station. You can’t show up here kicking doors. The degree of irresponsibility is very great. What happened was an armed teletheater piece ”he expressed.

Cáffaro insisted on highlighting Berni’s attitude by maintaining that he respects him “as a minister because he has been assigned by the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, As a person, I think that he should act with a greater degree of maturity than he had yesterday. ”

Finally, the mayor denounced “political intent” in Berni’s criticism: “The minister does not do it in other places, he does it here because there is a political intention. I am not going to be a candidate again, you have to lower the degree of irresponsibility. I am going to continue taking care of people. ”

“When politics is above life, the truth is that we are playing with fire. And these days, the degree of political carrion is terrible “, Cáffaro concluded, reviving a new intern in the Front of All, and a new crossing between leaders of the same party that once again features the Buenos Aires Minister of Security.


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