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– It will be a new night in the mother – in – law’s house, says Trygve Skjerdal.

Eleven people live in Skjerdal. One of these is mayor Skjerdal (Sp), who is also a crisis leader in the municipality.

Due to the bad weather, he has occasionally lived with his mother-in-law in Flåm.

On Thursday he wanted to go home, but then the landslide came home.

So now it will be another night in the mother – in – law’s house.

Maren Loven, who witnessed the landslide, is happy that there were no cars on the road.

The landslide was about 300 meters wide.

More people are moving to other homes

In Stryn municipality, Mons Rustøy has been anchored since Tuesday. On Thursday night, there is a real commotion both at sea and in the valley of Oldedalen, from which he has “escaped”.

People in Oldedalen were without both electricity and road connection until Friday night.

During the night, they also came to be without telephone coverage if the situation persisted.

CAGE IN A BOAT: Mons Are Rustøy and his son Harald Øye Rustøy in the boat they moved to on Tuesday. Thursday night, Oldedalen is without electricity and road connection. But the question is whether there is anything better at sea?

Photo: Mons Are Rustøy

Climate boat refugee

Mons Rustøy has been told by his wife, who is left in Oldedalen with the animals, that roof tiles have gone off with the neighbor. It’s a terrific weather.

He moved in the boat on Tuesday when the road was closed. It was the only way he could get to work.

Do you think it is better to live in a boat now than in Oldedalen?

– It shakes and shakes. The wind is huge and I have had to moor extra. So I do not know completely, he says.

On the night before Thursday, there was also a landslide near his boat. The landslide blocked the road between Loen and Olden.

– I did not notice it, but only saw it afterwards, says Rustøy.

The boat to Mons Are Rustøy.

IT SHAKES GOOD: Rustøy has got extra mooring to secure the boat.

Photo: Mons Are Rustøy

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