The mayor of Roales links the fatal attack of five dogs on a 27-year-old woman in Zamora with the presence of wolves

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The mayor of Roales del Pan, David García, municipality of the Alfoz de Zamora of which it was the young woman died this Monday from an attack by herding dogshas linked the event with the proliferation of wolves in the area.

David García has indicated, in statements to the media, that dogs have “their instincts”, especially when they are from the countryside and have “an extra job” due to the proliferation of wild fauna.

Arancha Corcero Girón27 years old, was nurse at the Corrales del Vino Health Center, and was attacked by a group of five shepherd dogs – three mastiffs and two Leonese shepherd dogs – when she went out to find a walk down the road that connects his town, Roales del Pan, with La Hiniesta, according to reports The Diario de Castilla y León. Arancha was walking while talking to her mother on the phone when fatal fate wanted him to come across a group of dogs without their owner.

“Mom, the dogs are coming, mom, the dogs are coming”she screamed repeatedly when the animals attacked her, at that moment the connection with her mother was lost, adds the aforementioned newspaper.

“Here we have a much stronger wildlife, especially wolves and the wolf alters the normal behavior of these animals“, he added, in reference to the dogs that killed the young woman from the municipality.

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