The mayor of Rome, relaxed in a case of "false writing", escapes his resignation


The Virginia populist mayor, Virginia Raggi, was released Saturday by a court in Rome in a case of "fake in public", a decision that allows him to escape the resignation, as imposed by his party in the event of conviction.

"This judgment wipes out two years of political sludge, we are moving forward with Rome, my dear city and our fellow citizens," said forty-three Virginia Raggi, who burst into tears after the court's announcement in court on Saturday, in which a crowd of journalists.

With this word, the court, which I thank and respect for the work done, has concluded two years during which I have been mediatically and politically attacked with unprecedented violence and unjustified ferocity, "he wrote immediately. on your Facebook account.

The Rome Prosecutor's Office, which had initiated the indictment, had requested 10 months in prison against Mrs. Raggi, a member of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), elected in 2016 in a speech of transparency and probity after years of scandal and corruption in the head of the Italian capital.

The court ruled that "the offense was not established", while the prosecution claimed that it would eventually appeal after learning the reasons for the trial, the Italian media reported.

The prosecution believes that the mayor lied to the municipality's anti-corruption authority, claiming to have appointed Renato Marra on his own initiative as director of tourism at the town hall.

However, the messages recovered by the investigators seemed to show that it was Raffaele Marra, Renato's brother and former Ms. Raggi's right-hand man, who was behind the hiring. Mrs. Raggi has always said that she was acting "in complete autonomy".

Arrested in December 2016, Raffaele Marra spent several months in prison and is currently on trial for a corruption case before arriving at the city hall.

In accordance with her party's code of ethics, Virginia Raggi would have had to leave her post if she had been convicted. She herself had declared that if she did, she would have resigned "two minutes" after the decision.

Two and a half years after her triumphant election, with 67% of the votes, Virginia Raggi sees her unpopularity growing among her electors today.

At the end of October, under the windows of the town hall, the first major demonstration against its management was organized, thousands of Romans demanding their resignation for not respecting the archives of which it had made priority: waste and public transport, two black points of the eternal city.

Virginia Raggi defends herself by hammering that she needs time to restore the city. And that has "inherited ruins" from previous administrations.

Starting with the withdrawal of Rome's offer for the 2024 Olympics, Virginia Raggi's possession was also marked by the waltz of his assistants, eight of whom have so far been replaced.


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