The mechanic spoke of the preparation of LADA 4×4 for "country life"


The expert explained what needs to be done for the comfortable operation of the Niva in rural conditions.

To begin with, the owner of the new LADA 4×4 has decided to put the body of a domestic SUV in a strong protective coating that protects the car from damage to the paint from branches or stones while driving through the forest. The expert immediately clarified that this operation is not economic, but its cost is fully and fully justified.

Subsequently, LADA 4×4 was taken to a car service, where a TechCenter channel blogger told what changes were expected in the future. According to the driver of "Niva", his further operation involved active driving in the village and off-road, therefore, preparing a car for "country life" was a matter of fundamental importance.

"The task was set up so that this Niva could go where possible," says the blogger. As a result, the power bumpers, a winch with an electric motor, self-locking, a mouthpiece and a turbine for a series engine were placed on the car. Furthermore, the 5 cm LADA 4×4 “liftanuli” suspension makes it as practicable as possible.

As the driver explained, they would have obtained the most correct Niva if they had not been painted in their service – in this case, it would have been possible to cut the wheel arches and put even larger off-road tires so that car "played with new colors" However, for the LADA 4×4 completely "national", there were already enough existing improvements.

Summing up his review, the expert talked about the cost of an ambitious project and stated that such a LADA 4×4 would be suitable for all drivers whose life is not limited to urban "jungles": "A budget of 300,000 rubles is not much space, but for that money, of course, you can take two normal Niva. "



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