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The data from the CivMilAir monitoring service, which monitors the aircraft's movements, confirms that on 23 March two aircraft flew to Venezuela: the 62M-RA-86496 and the cargo An-124-100 with the RA queue number -82,035. Both planes headed to Latin America from Syria.

According to the tracking service of FlightRadar, on March 22, the Russian Air Force An-124 with the tail number RA-82035 actually flew from the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow to Latakia airport, in Syria. From the Chkalovsky airport, it took off at 3.12pm, at 4.05pm, even the Il-62M took off from Chkalovsky.

A few hours after arriving in Venezuela, transport workers took off and lay down on the reverse rate.

The Russians An-124 and IL-62 with these numbers on board are not the first to visit Venezuela. Judging from second The MilRadar service, in December 2018, two of the same aircraft were accompanied by strategic Tu-160 bombers, arrived in Caracas from Russia to conduct exercises.

Colonel General Vasily Tonkoshkov, who calls Mallorca the commander of a group of Russian soldiers, has led the main organizational mobilization direction of the armed forces major since 2013. In May 2018, he was appointed to the post of Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces.

RBC sent a request to the Russian embassy in Caracas.

Russia sent two strategic Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela

At the beginning of March, Il-62M RA-86496 flew from Sheremetyevo to Caracas and back, wrote Novaya Gazeta. He completed part of the way with the transponder turned off, which didn't allow him to completely trace his path.

The planes of the 223th flight detachment regularly make flights to the Russian base in Syria. It was in this division of the Ministry of Defense that the Tu-154 crashed in December 2016 and was heading towards Latakia. As reported by Radio Liberty, citing FlightRadar, the Il-62M RA-86496 piloted the Hmeymim more often than any other aircraft in the 223rd flight squad.

In January, Reuters reported that employees of the Russian PMC are providing security to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. The Venezuelan foreign ministry has denied this data. Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, who oversees the defense industry, also denied the presence of Russian military personnel in a Latin American country on 31 January.

Ryabkov warned the United States against the implementation of the military scenario in Venezuela



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