The mediation of the OIV facilitates a safe BREXIT for the wine sector

As recognized by the International Wine Organization (OIV), today we can affirm that the solid bases of harmonization provided by the work of the OIV have allowed the sector to guarantee a safe BREXIT for the wine sector after the agreement between the Kingdom Kingdom and the European Union.

In this way, the organization reviews the main measures adopted after the agreement recognized in the OIV regulations.

From the beginning, Article 2 of Appendix 5-OTC “Trade in wines” refers to the enological practices recommended and published by the OIV as the only relevant international standards.

The analysis methods developed and published by the OIV are recognized in article 3 of the same Annex as reference methods to determine the analytical composition of wines in control operations.

The strength of the multilateral acquis and reliance on OIV standards have undoubtedly contributed to ensuring unimpeded trade. Wines will not need a VI-1 certificate like wines from other non-European countries. A self-report certificate will be allowed.

The OIV also welcomes the absence of tariffs on wines.

Furthermore, the agency recognizes that it is necessary to go further in simplifying administrative procedures and speeding up the implementation of electronic exchanges of administrative documents. The OIV hopes that the UK will actively participate in the debate on the electronic certificate initiated at the OIV at the request of Brazil.

In the context of BREXIT and all the changes that it entails or will imply for the international wine trade, the participation of as many countries as possible in multilateral discussions seems essential for the sector.

The United Kingdom joined the OIV on January 1, 2021 and became the 48th member of the Organization, greatly expanding the Organization’s representativeness: OIV members now produce 85% of the world’s wine and have a share of 70% (up to 5%) of world consumption.

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