The meeting between the police unions and the Minister of the Interior did not yield anything: between checks and pickets, the actions will continue

The videoconference meeting between the police union common front and the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden concerning in particular a salary increase and end-of-career adjustments came to an end on Tuesday afternoon. The two sides are due to meet again on Monday. In the meantime, the unions continued their actions on Wednesday, this time in front of the country’s courthouses.

This Wednesday morning, the entrance to the courthouse was blocked by police demonstrators. Faced with the anger of the police, several judges asked them to stop. “Shortly after 9:00 am, the judges came down to ask us to do justice. We understand the mission of justice. We are a link in the criminal chain. But we must understand our demands. A majority of them have us to elsewhere said that they were legitimate “, explains Fabrice Discry, permanent delegate of the national union of police and security personnel.

Police personnel are fed up

In Brussels, unions have continued their mobilization actions undertaken for several days. Objective: put pressure on the Minister of the Interior. “We had a negotiation with the Minister of the Interior. But it came to nothing. Once again, she came with empty pockets. We have been carrying out actions for over a week and the police personnel are fed up “, explains Mario Thys, permanent delegate of the national union of police and security personnel.

Without an agreement, these agents will continue to follow an established schedule of actions. From Thursday, road checks will intensify on our roads. On Friday, new pickets are planned around Walloon and Brussels airports. “How far will we go? It all depends on the reaction of the government and the minister. See you again on Monday. Depending on the result, either we harden the movement or we will reduce it”, adds Xavier Simons, provincial delegate of the free public service union.

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From December 1, the 185 local police zones, or nearly 35,000 agents, could join the movement for a salary increase and retirement benefits.

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