The meeting with the UN High Commissioner with migrants ends without agreement


Representatives of the Observation Unit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico They met on Thursday afternoon with the coordinators of the migrant caravan, who asked for buses to reach the northern border.

After concluding the meeting, there was no concrete response to the Central American approaches.

One of the requests of the migrants was that they were provided with buses that would take them safely to the northern border of the country.

The head of the contingent of about 250 migrants belonging to the migrant caravan, Milton Benítez, underlined this will wait for the assembly scheduled in the temporary shelter in the Jesús Martínez "Palillo" stadium of the Magdalena Mixhuca sports city.

However, he stressed that the body promised to provide a short answer.

Jorge Alberto Nava, a member of the UN Observatory, received the contingent coordinator in Mexico City, Milton Benitez, and a group of about 15 people, in the offices of a building located at President Masaryk Street number 61.

Benítez had previously requested 150 buses that would allow them to get safely to the border of the country and therefore be able to seek refuge from the United States government. He said the caravan does not use political problems, so he asked the authorities not to politicize a humanitarian problem.

Milton Benítez, who led a contingent of 250 people who walked from the temporary shelter in Magdalena Mixhuca to Via Alejandro Dumas in Polanco, thanked the Mexican people for the support given to the passage of the caravan in different parts of the country.

"We also want to thank the Mexican people for behaving immeasurablyWe want to publicly thank people who are not looking for cameras like Oaxaca's human rights defender who has constantly searched for the 100 comrades who do not have their hiding places yet, "he added.


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