The men who crushed the skull of the Russian basketball star A. Shved have already learned what punishments they face

“He feels better already. More extensive research should be done in the near future. Treatment will depend on their results. Doctors say that the situation has stabilized. However, it is clear that after such injuries it is difficult to talk about sports – I could not say when Alexey could return to the field again”, CSKA club manager Andrejus Vatutins said about A. Shved’s condition.

“He must lie still and not move. The doctors explain that the vault of his skull split,” explained the basketball player’s wife Anastasia.

On Wednesday, the first photos from the private hospital were also released, where A. Švedas, who was confined to a bed with a neck brace, was being visited by his teammates.

The Moscow police and the prosecutor’s office started an investigation into the incident and within a day caught three of the five men with whom A. Shved had a fight and received a serious head injury.

Lyudmila Nefiodova, the head of the press service of the Moscow prosecutor’s office, explained that the case regarding the beating was transferred from the prosecutor’s office to the city’s Investigative Committee, since one of the accused is a minor.

“As one of the defendants is a minor, and the crime he is suspected of is classified as a particularly serious crime, the criminal case was transferred to the Investigative Committee of Moscow,” RIA quotes L. Nefiodov.

Three of the defendants are charged with hooliganism. According to the articles of the Russian Criminal Code, they can be fined from 500 thousand to one million rubles (from 5 to 11 thousand euros) or forced labor for up to five years, or imprisonment for up to seven years.

At first, the athlete’s abusers were threatened with a case under the article “inflicting serious bodily injury by agreement of a group of persons in advance”. This charge is much more serious and carries a sentence of up to 12 years in prison.

According to law enforcement sources, the fourth participant in the conflict is still hiding, but he is known. “It was probably he who hit the athlete and because of that his skull split.” The search has been started,” sources in the Moscow prosecutor’s office assure.

It is he who faces up to 12 years in prison for his act.

Last Monday, A. Švedas was relaxing with his family and friends at the restaurant. Towards the end of the party, A. Švedas started fighting with men from the Caucasus region, who were sitting at another table and celebrating their birthday.

11 p.m. 15 minutes the men went out to explain themselves in the street, the Caucasians beat A. Švedas and tried to kick him while he was already lying on the ground. But the restaurant’s waiters “protected” the famous athlete from even greater injuries or even death.

As A. Šved’s agent Obrado Fimičius testified, A. Šved was not at all prepared to explain his relationship with drunken men, but they started hanging out.

After the impact, the basketball player allegedly fell on the sidewalk and his head hit him – the base of the skull split, blood poured from his ears.

However, the player did not lose consciousness, but he did not orient himself and did not understand what happened – he lost his memory.

Kniazius Amiraslanovas, who was arrested by police officers for the beating, in turn explained that it was the defender of the Moscow club who allegedly started the fight.

As K. Amiraslanovas testified, he celebrated his birthday in a restaurant with friends. When they were already leaving, a conversation started at the door of the restaurant with Alexei’s wife Anastasia, who was allegedly very drunk.

The suspect said that at first it was just an ordinary conversation about basketball, but then the woman started personally insulting him and his nation.

At the same time, A. Švedas appeared with his teammate Artiom Komolov, who immediately attacked K. Amiraslanov and his friends with their fists. Allegedly, the arrested person himself only sought to separate the conflicting parties.

“At the same moment, A. Švedas and my brother grabbed each other’s chest, and my brother cut his leg.

As a result, the victim fell to the ground. And I can clearly confirm that he did not hit his head on the sidewalk,” K. Amiraslanov explained to the police.

According to the man from the Caucasus region, A. Švedas stood up immediately after that leg cut and “the pushing continued”. In the next moment, someone from the participants of the conflict hit A. Shved on the head and he fell already then. After that, the fight stopped immediately.

An ambulance was called for Alexey, and all the other participants allegedly remained waiting for the police. K. Amiraslanovas, who celebrated his birthday, claimed that it was A. Shved’s friends who wanted to solve the problem peacefully, rather than publicize the situation, because the basketball player is a well-known public figure.

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