The MEP spoke about Russia's ridiculous requests from Russia

MOSCOW, March 26 – RIA News. Russia is laughing at the demands of the Baltic countries to compensate for the "damage caused by the Soviet occupation," said MEP from the European Parliament from Latvia, Andrei Mamykin, in an interview with Arguments of the Week.

Mamykin stressed that the statements on "Soviet occupation" testify to the "underdevelopment" of the political elite of the Baltic states.

The history of the financial needs for the Soviet occupation officially began in Latvia in 1996, when the Sejm adopted a declaration on the Soviet occupation, stating that within three months Latvia would have to create a commission to calculate the losses, but in reality a commission was created Ten years ago, Russia makes people laugh, moreover many Russians have no idea, of course, nobody seriously, at the state level, does not consider this problem and, naturally, the Baltic countries will not receive anything from Russia " – the conclusion l MEP.

Previously, on 22 March, an international conference was held at the Latvian Ministry of Justice, dedicated to calculating the damage resulting from the "Soviet occupation" of the Baltic States. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have developed a joint thesis according to which Russia, as the successor of the USSR, has the historical responsibility for the "Soviet occupation" of the Baltic States and has signed a joint declaration.



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