The message from one of those missing in the Murcia nightclub fire: "Mommy, I love her, we are going to die"

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Jairothe father of one of the missing women after the fire in a leisure area of Murcia which has left seven dead so far, has revealed that his daughter sent an audio to the family after 6 in the morning. In it, the 28-year-old girl says goodbye to her mother: “Mommy, I love her, we are going to die.”

“He sent us an audio. It was enough for him to say goodbye,” said Jairo, very nervous, before the media. In the recording you can hear screams and people asking for the place to be lit so they can see. After sending the audio, the phone turned off and did not give a signal again.

This woman, from Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia)had gone to Murcia capital with several friends to party “They had come because there are no nightclubs in Caravaca; they came at dawn. It was the second time they came,” commented Jairo.

Alan Antonio Antía has told ‘La Verdad’ that the fire could have originated in the ‘La Fonda’ establishment, right next to the ‘Teatre’ nightclub. “They called me on my cell phone at 5:30 in the morning. I took my scooter and when I arrived at the Atalayas area I found that the La Fonda store was on fire. The roof was burning and some people who were on the ground floor managed to get out. “People commented that there were a lot of people inside. It was very distressing,” he explained.

The fire that devastated several establishments in a leisure area in Murcia this morning is the deadliest recorded in Spain in a party area since the tragedy that occurred in 1990 in the ‘Flying’ nightclub in Zaragozawhere 43 people died.

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