The message of Morocco .. Zamalek prepares for the Renaissance volcano before breakfast .. And Ibrahim praises the warm welcome


Coach Zamalek Christian Gross decided to play the first team in Morocco at 17:00 today before breakfasting at the Saidia stadium in the industrial bay.

Zamalek will face Nahdet Berkane of Morocco in the final of the African Confederations Cup at 12 on Sunday.

The group's mission brought Friday prayers to the Melia Hotel mosque in Saidiya, Morocco.

The head of the mission, Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, thanked the officials of the Moroccan club and the Egyptian embassy for their good reception.

"The residence is good in a hotel dedicated to the mission, which is isolated and similar to the fields," Ibrahim said at his club's official website.

"I thank the club president for providing a private jet, which has benefited the team and saved time and effort, especially in the month of Ramadan."

Zamalek arrived in the Moroccan city of Vedha in the early hours of Friday morning aboard a private plane to receive a special reception from Nahda officials.

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