The Mexican authorities discover 29 bodies in a hundred plastic bags


A man rests while the crypts are adapted for hundreds of unidentified bodies in the municipal pantheon of El Salto, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, on 25 September 2018.

ULISES RUIZ / AFP / Getty Images

Mexican authorities reported Tuesday that they had found 29 bodies, packed in more than a hundred plastic bags, dumped in a clandestine grave in the violent western state of Jalisco.

The murders in Mexico rose to the highest record in the first half of the year, bringing the country devastated by the sign on the right track to overcome the 29,111 registered last year.

The attorney general of Jalisco, Gerardo Solis, said in a press conference that since they made the gruesome discovery in the municipality of Zapopan the first week of September, the investigators had counted 13 complete bodies and 16 incomplete.

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The state government and the attorney general stated that two of the victims were women and that at least four had a criminal record, without specifying their crimes.

The body count could increase as the investigation progresses, according to a source in the office of the attorney general who refused to be identified because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

In Mexico, cartels often kidnap and kill their rivals, many of whom are buried in clandestine tombs scattered throughout the country.

The authorities have not yet said whether the mass grave was linked to the violence of the cartel, although Jalisco is home to several cartels, including one of the best known in the country.

Jalisco's new generation cartel, according to US authorities, is one of the five most dangerous criminal organizations in the world.



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