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Mexico, Nov 21 (EFE News) .- Coming from a family of actors and actresses and having grown up in the theater was not an advantage or an easy path for the Mexican director Natalia Beristáin, who told, in an interview with Efe, that with him As time went by, she realized that she needed her own space and show her own voice and both found them in the cinema, her passion.

“In my case the apple did not fall very far from the tree, I come from a family of actors and actresses, I grew up in the theater and I think the difficult thing for me was to understand that I needed to find a space where I could have my own voice and understand that For me, cinema was that and not theater ”, said Beristáin (Mexico City, 1981).

The career of Beristáin, director of the award-winning film “Los Adioses” (2017), has traveled through theater, television and cinema and to talk about it she was invited to the program “TAP” of the Mexican state channel Canal Once in the that will make a recount of your career path.

In 2014, Beristáin directed the series “Réquiem por Leona Vicario” for Channel Once itself and now returns as a special guest to the Professional Actors Workshop (TAP), a program in which she will be interviewed by actor Óscar Uriel and in which she will feature their experiences and path in the industry.

“It was a bit of a review and a remembrance from my beginnings and why I decided to dedicate myself to what I do, how my career has been built, exploring the parts that I enjoy the most about what I do, talking about public life and political positions that I care to put forward, “he advanced about the interview that will be broadcast this Saturday.

In addition, she said that for her it was “a super cool (excellent) surprise” the fact that the program, which is normally dedicated to actors, has opened a space for her to have a conversation about what exists behind the screens.

“I have followed him and seen him over the years and I have learned a lot from my work and suddenly that a program as paradigmatic to understand acting turns its gaze towards those who are behind the scenes is very good,” he added the director.

For Beristáin it is important that the public come to these talks because he considers that the cinema is a space not only for entertainment but also that it is a relevant political and cultural tool for society.

And just as Natalia could inspire those who see her interview, she was inspired by conversations from great directors and actors throughout her academic training to the present day.

“As a bedside book I have the conversations between Truffaut and Hitchcock, they are there very close to my heart, like watching Cassavetes documentaries with Gena Rowland, that actress-director duo, seeing them collaborating behind the camera, is a material to which I keep coming back constantly ”, I point out.


Natalia’s work is characterized by retaking the female figures that have marked and blazed paths in history and by generally promoting the work of women with very personal films.

However, she has been able to integrate into the speeches of others as a television director (“Historia de un Crime: Colosio”, 2019) whenever they resonate with her ideas and challenge her to what she has not tried.

“I can hardly imagine making films that do not come from me or my personal concerns, to expose other topics with the sole goal of opening questions or conversations,” he said.

Although the pandemic stopped her plans a bit, Natalia is currently focused on her next film, “Ruido”, a story that she worked with journalist and documentary maker Diego Enrique Osorno and Alejandro Valenzuela and which, “despite the fact that it is a fiction It is a deeply real situation, it is the story of a mother looking for her daughter in Mexico today ”, he concluded.

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