The Mexican peso is thrilled to advance against the dollar … and this time it has influenced AMLO – El Diario NY


Today the dollar devalued by 0.20% against weight Mexican regarding the price of the previous day.

In this way, one dollar it was sold wholesale at $ 19.94 pesos and bought for $ 19.93 pesos, the Bank of Mexico reported.

The US market recorded a difficult day and the international dollar scenario was negative, which was used by the Aztec currency to recover some of the losses accumulated in recent weeks.

Retail, A dollar is offered at $ 20.20 pesos, 0.25 cheaper than the previous day.

Analysts indicate that the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he helped the weight, since his administration was successful in the repurchase of obligations of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM), announced by the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to this, the Bank of Mexico has raised the interest rate after the Fed's rise, which has been seen as positive, for now, by weight. The rate rose by 0.25 points, so it exceeded 8.25%.

As for the dollar, despite the losses in different markets compared to the euro have reached an advance. The unified currency fell in today's European currency traded at $ 1.1417, compared to $ 1.1422 which was traded yesterday.

With information from EFE



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