The Mexican peso surprises by beating the dollar on the "Wednesday of the battle" … but! – The Orlando Press


The dollar faced an adverse scenario on Tuesday.

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the Mexican peso The day started to fall with losses of over 0.40 percent against the dollar, but at the end of the day the US currency was not able to withstand the pressure of the national scenario and was devalued by 0.15% compared to the Aztec currency.

In this way, one dollar is sold wholesale at $ 20.06 pesos and bought in $ 20.05 pesos, the Bank of Mexico reported.

Analysts were surprised by the rise of the Mexican currency, which is waiting for the Federal Reserve and its Wednesday announcement of the new interest rate or if it keeps it.

President Donald Trump He pressed Tuesday for no raise and asked that the Fed "hear the market" before making a decision.

In the banks the dollar is offered at $ 20.35 pesos, 0.5 less than the previous day.

Despite the decline in the price of oil, the Mexican currency managed to move forward, among the discussions on the 2019 Budget proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which has received criticism, but financial experts qualify positively, avoiding an increase in public debt.

The projection of the Mexican currency in the coming weeks is highly volatile, due to the adjustments of the Fed, oil and the decisions of the new Mexican government.

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