The Mexican who represents Panama in Miss Universe and looks like Yalitza Aparicio

The Mexican who represents Panama in Miss Universe and looks like Yalitza Aparicio. Her name is Brenda Smith, maybe she sounds familiar to you or somewhere you remember seeing her. This beautiful 27-year-old woman is nothing more and nothing less than Miss Mexico City 2020.


It turns out that Brenda Smith, Miss Panama is the daughter of a Mexican woman and her father is Panamanian, although she was born in Georgia, United States. This legally grants her the possibility to participate since the Miss Universe rules say that the contestants must have the nationality of the country for which they are going to compete, as well as a verifiable residence.

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Brenda, who assures in social networks that she looks like the actress, Yalitza Aparicio, had already sought the crown in the United States, in 2013 she represented the state of Missouri in Miss Teen USA, becoming one of the 16 semifinalists. In 2018 she participated in Nuestra Belleza Latina, again without obtaining the title.

But she did not give up in her attempt to go to Miss Universe and a short time later she competed to put on the Miss Mexico City band, which allowed her to compete in the Universal Mexicana pageant to be able to represent our country in Miss Universe, however Although she was among the favorites to win, it was finally Debora Hallal from Sonora who won the crown.

Brenda has studies in Journalism and Cultural Studies from the University of Missouri, she is the first Afro-descendant beauty queen to obtain the crown of Mexico City. She has developed as a model, speaker, and has also been a Human Rights scholar at the United Nations.

Brenda Smith finally fulfilled her goal of heading to Miss Universe as Miss Panama, so this will be the second time she has faced Débora for the crown.

It must be said that according to the polls, Brenda, who they say looks like Yalitza Aparicio, is among the favorites to win the crown of the contest.


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