The Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing in the Tver region

MOSCOW, 8 November. / Tass /. The Mi-8 helicopter crashed in the Tver region while monitoring the pipeline. This was reported by TASS in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, the pilots are alive.

"There were four people on board, one was trapped in a helicopter," the Ministry of Emergencies said. Communication with them is established.

The incident occurred in the Zharkovsky district. "The helicopter pilot, who was moving from the Dukhovshchina locality of the Smolensk region to the town of Andreapol in the Tver region, reported an incident," said the agency's source.

He also said that there are no deaths.

In turn, the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in turn, reported that the information on the incident came from a flight engineer. "He said they had made a hard landing," the headquarters said.

"The mechanic who called, said he was a bit stuck, was injured, according to preliminary data, there are no deaths," said the department.

They also noted that the helicopter, according to preliminary information, belongs to the Moscow airline "Barkol".

The airline has made it clear that so far they have no complete information on this incident. "We do not have complete information on this problem, but so far we do not give feedback," said the airline.

Barkol Airlines was founded in 1997, licensed by the Federal Transport Supervision Service of the Russian Federation, has an operator certificate and corresponding licenses to perform a wide range of aircraft work.

The position of the helicopter is now being determined.

According to the Tver Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, in the afternoon of November 8, at night and in the morning of November 9, there is fog in some regions of the region with a visibility of 100-600 m.

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