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Photo of El Nuevo Herald

MIAMI, United States.- The trailer of Nunca más balseros, a 40-minute documentary still in preparation that will be released in the middle of next year, is one of the 12 short films presented at the Miami Film Show, which will present video and video until tomorrow, Wednesday 5 December, at the Downtown Miami Convention Center, located at the James L. Knight International Center. The fair, near the Miami River and which can also be reached by boat, exhibits works from 30 countries, as part of the week of Art Basel.

No more beams is a moving film that tells the tragedy that 23 years ago, in the middle of the beam exodus, left five dead, including two girls, one of four years and another of 13, when 14 people fled from Cuba In a fragile boat they were stuck on the islet of the Bahamas of Cayo Perro.

According to the note El Nuevo Herald, the photojournalist Roberto Koltun collected the testimonies of the survivors, and the images of the bodies buried among the coral reefs in impromptu tombs with corals that looked like wings of angels, have never left.

"We were not prepared for what we saw there," said Koltun, who was a photojournalist on the My Dream ship that accompanied a mission organized by the Cuban-American National Foundation to recover the bodies, along with other members of the press and the community. They supported the beams.

On the other hand, the communicator and journalist Horacio Knaeber, executive director of the Miami Film Show, explained that the film materials are divided into artistic categories, with an emphasis on experimental and investigative, and stressed that, although never again does rafters refer to the Cuban exodus, moreover it raises awareness on a very current and widespread issue, that of immigration.

"Most of the tombs with bodies of immigrants on the US border are rafters without rafts," said Knaeber, who also recounted one of the testimonies of Koltún's documentary that most impressed him: that of a father who promised his son during the rafting that he would buy him a bicycle when he arrived in the United States. "Now I'm in the United States and I have a lot of bikes, but I do not have a son," said the father at the boy's funeral, Knaeber said.

"It is a documentary so that the history of the Cubans does not repeat itself, so that it remains for the new generations." As Cubans, we know the story, but a Chilean, a Guatemalan, an Argentine, an American does not know the pain that it was so great, "said Koltún.

Koltún has accumulated material for over two decades as a photojournalist for the Nuevo Herald and archive images of various Miami institutions. He also assured that he received the support of director Alejandro Mederos, who is responsible for drafting the documentary, and Emilio Estefan promised his contribution in the soundtrack, in which the voice of Gloria Estefan can be heard.


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