The million-dollar sales of the Horizon saga are proof enough that PlayStation has good reasons to continue the adventures of Aloy – Horizon: Forbidden West

The franchise has sold 32.7 million units worldwide, while Horizon: Forbidden West has already shipped 8.4 million copies.

Guerrilla Games has become one of the most important studies of the PlayStation portfolio thanks to its good work in the development of sagas like Horizon. We already knew that there are not a few players who have put themselves in the shoes of Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn y Horizon: Forbidden Westbut now we can know a more exact figure thanks to a publication that celebrates the 20 years of the developer’s foundation.

The Guerrilla Games team wanted to review their career through a publication on the blog de PlayStation where, in addition to remembering the leap of faith involved in the presentation of Horizon: Zero Dawn to the world, it also celebrates that the franchise has sold 32.7 million units. These data, as read in the note, correspond to sales registered up to April 16.

And the thing does not end here, because the development team has also taken advantage of the moment to announce that Horizon: Forbidden West has sold 8.4 million copies since its release. Apart from this, Guerrilla Games also leaves good words for PS Plus because it is a service that, through its catalog of games, has unveiled the Horizon saga to a larger number of users.

There are still stories of Aloy to tell

In this way, PlayStation has good reasons to continue promoting the Horizon franchise through new experiences. We do not have very specific details, but Guerrilla Games is already working in a new solo aloy game y a cooperative multiplayerso it’s worth keeping a close eye on the developer’s announcements in case she reveals more information about her upcoming projects.

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